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Intervet is focused on research and development, manufacturing and global marketing of veterinary products including vaccines, anti-infectives, anti-parasitics, endocrines and speciality pharmaceuticals.

Intervet is a global leader in the field of animal health, with a presence in more than 58 countries. The extensive Norvax? and Compact? ranges of aquatic animal vaccines includes, among others, vaccines against the key diseases of Vibriosis, IPN, Wound disease, Furunculosis and Streptococciosis. The Norvax and Compact ranges of vaccines are being successfully used throughout the world's major fish-producing regions.

Intervet prides itself in not only developing and supplying superior quality products, but also in supporting them with technical expertise as required.

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Asian Aquatic Animal News
Asian Aquatic Animal News is sent to you by Intervet Norbio Singapore. This weekly newsletter consists of several recent news items on topics related to aquatic animal health or general animal aquaculture developments in the Asia-Pacific region.
Intervet Aquatic Animal Health Newsletter
This newsletter is published approximately every 6 months and contains various topics relating to disease profiles, products, Intervet or other news items, scientific abstracts, etc.
  • Aquatic Animal Health Health Newsletter 15
    Published November 2007 - PDF Format
    Haddock culture: Current knowledge and challenges; Step by step guide to a marine water parasite prevention plan (PPP); Infectious salmon anemia (ISA) in Chile, 2007; Schering-Plough & Intervet - "Growing Stronger Growing Better"; Intervet are proud sponsors of the first Fish Health Master class held in Bangkok, Thailand; Bacterial diseases of finfish in the South East Asian region; Some impressions from the 13th European Association of Fish Pathologists meeting; Intervet at the Second International Technical and Trade Conference - "Tilapia 2007"; 2007 Symposium ? Chinese Society of Fish Diseases; The first group of aquatic animal health specialists certified in China; Intervet at Aqua Nor 2007; Intervet at Asian Pacific Aquaculture 2007.

  • Aquatic Animal Health Health Newsletter 14
    Published June 2007 - PDF Format
    Parasites of Tilapia; Duration of immunity of Norvax? Strep Si; Caligiasis in Chile; USA Aquaculture team thinks “Outside the Box”; Symp. on Viruses of Lower Vertebrates. 2007.; 8th Asian Fisheries Forum 2007; Intervet aquatic animal health at VIV Asia 2007; International Co-operation on PD; Schering-Plough to buy Organon Biosciences; New Intervet AAH website; Aquatic Veterinary Association (AqVA); A note from your new editor; Scientific summaries

  • Aquatic Animal Health Health Newsletter 13
    Published May 2006 - PDF Format
    Columnaris in Tilapia; NACA: 5th Asia regional advisory group meeting on AAH; VIBRIOSIS IN ATLANTIC COD ? A CHALLENGE IN INTENSIVE CULTURE; Intervet support AwF ; Intervet at australasian aquaculture conference; Highlights of the fifth International Symposium of Aquatic Animal Health; Intervet ? CAA2; Newsletter editor ends 6-year term.; New team member at Intervet Norbio Singapore; Intervet participate at ISTA 7 in Mexico.

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Vaccine against streptococcal disease in susceptible fish species like Asian seabass.
预防易感鱼类,- 如尖吻鲈,- 患链球菌病的疫苗。
Norvax® Vibriose (Mediterranean)