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Lightly salted saithe fillets to Spain

2007年 4月 17日 星期二
? Nofima (formerly Fiskeriforskning)

NORWAY - Seafood-consuming Spaniards can have more products from which to choose. A new research project will study the market possibilities for frozen, lightly salted saithe in Spain.

When it comes to seafood consumption, Spain is one of the world's leading countries. Last year, frozen saithe fillet imports totalled almost 4,000 tonnes. How much of this was lightly salted is unknown.

Scientists at Fiskeriforskning will now study whether lightly salted saithe fillets can become a new Norwegian product in Spain.

"Lightly salted cod fillets are popular in Southern Europe, and the question is whether saithe fillets can also experience an upswing by lightly salting the fillets", says Scientist Jens Østli.

Saithe achieves a poor price compared with cod, and to increase the value of the saithe, lightly salting can be a possibility. A lightly salted variant will still be a less expensive alternative for the customers than lightly salted cod.

Scientists at Fiskeriforskning will now study whether this can become a new Norwegian product in Spain.

The research project is three-part: A preliminary study of the marketing potential in Spain has already been completed. In the second phase, product samples will be produced and their quality will be documented. The quality test involves a number of measurements of salt content, water content, pH value, microbiological content and colour of the fillet. Thereafter, a market test will be conducted in Spain.

The project is a collaboration between Fiskeriforskning and Møreforsking and is financed by the Bacalao Forum, which is a part of the Norwegian Seafood Federation, and Innovation Norway.

TheFishSite News Desk? Nofima (formerly Fiskeriforskning)





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