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Honour to Fiskeriforskning

2007年 2月 6日 星期二

NORWAY - Fiskeriforskning has been awarded "The M?lje Award" for 2007. The seafood restaurant Arctandria in Troms? is behind the award.

Fiskeriforskning’s Head of Information, Rita Sæther, with “The Mølje Award” for 2007.

"The Mølje Award" is awarded to individuals or organisations who contribute to development of the fisheries industry. Fiskeriforskning is receiving the award for its many years' collaboration with the seafood restaurant Arctandria.

"We've enjoyed a good and close collaboration with Fiskeriforskning since the early 1990s", says Manager of Vertshuset Skarven, Gunnar Andersen, in his reasons for why the institute received the award.

"Scientists at Fiskeriforskning have, amongst other things, contributed with knowledge about new species, handling of raw materials and in the development of new dishes", he points out.

Rita Sæther, Fiskeriforskning's Head of Information, accepted the award on the institute's behalf. "It's very nice to receive such an award, and it's good to see that our collaboration with businesses gives results", says Sæther.

"Arctandria and Vertshuset Skarven also deserve honour for using untraditional species and developing new fish dishes. And here, Arctandria has been a pioneer business, for example, by using stockfish and stockfish light ("boknafisk")", she says.

Arctandria's "Mølje Award" for 2007 is a picture by artist Tone Haugan.

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